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Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Complaints about poor indoor air quality in the workplace have been increasing over the past several years. Building occupants, in every industry, who are exposed to poor indoor environmental conditions, may experience a variety of health effects, which may contribute to decreased worker productivity, higher absenteeism and an assortment of other consequences.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) surveys begin with interviews with affected building occupants, maintenance/engineering staff, and others in order to determine the factor(s) that may have generated the concern. Based on information from interviews, AES assesses the IAQ complaint history, and can conduct a variety of investigations.

It seems the air indoors may be more polluted than the air outdoors. Inside our homes there exists a rising levels of indoor air pollution emitted by dry-cleaned clothing, nail polish, tobacco smoke, pesticides, paints and thinners, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from carpeting, paints, certain woods and cleaning products. Inadequate ventilation can also cause an increase in indoor pollutant levels by not allowing enough outdoor air to dilute emissions.

The goal of an AES indoor air quality (IAQ) survey is to resolve air quality concerns in a timely and cost- effective means. If an air quality problem is identified, AES will recommend practical options for the remediation of the concern.

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Indoor Air Quality Services

  • Ventilation inspections, assessments, and airflow measurements
  • Testing for levels of airborne solvents
  • Microbial Contaminants-Mold
  • Allergens: Cat, Cockroach, Dust Mite, Rat, Mouse

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