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AES is a trusted environmental consulting firm, recommended by insurance adjusters, attorneys, remediation contractors, medical construction planning & development managers, architectural/engineering firms, lending institutions, realtors and homeowner associations.

Mold Inspections & Remediation

The California Department of Health Services describes mold as “…simple, microscopic organisms found virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors.” Therefore, there is no such thing as a building or residence being free of mold spores, as they are found indoors and outdoors. When spores become airborne and land on moist porous materials, (i.e., drywall, carpeting, wood), they can create colonies that continue to grow.

Limited Microbial Investigations
AES conducts visual inspections and obtains samples as needed, to gather information necessary for determining the presence of fungal growth. This process takes into consideration the general signs and indicators, such as elevated moisture levels in the various substrates, water staining, temperature & humidity readings, and any occupant complaints, or concerns. A detailed report is provided that includes locations inspected, laboratory analyses, and appropriate recommended remediation activities.

Contractor Remediation Specifications
Upon completion of an investigation, AES prepares contractor remediation specifications for the purpose of obtaining competitive bids from qualified contractors. The technical specifications designate areas requiring remediation, specify necessary types of worker protection, and how the rest of the surrounding structure should be protected.

Post Remediation Clearance Testing
Upon completion of a remediation project, AES conducts an extensive visual examination, obtains temperature and relative humidity readings, and samples the remediated area(s) to ensure that the project has been cleaned and completed properly per the scope of work.

Real Estate Inspections
At the time of a real estate transaction, many buyers have concerns about the potential exposure/risks of microbial contamination (mold). American Environmental Specialists, Inc., (AES) conducts a comprehensive visual mold inspection of the dwelling for factors that may cause, or be a source of moisture intrusion. In addition to an examination for the presence of visible mold, our service includes testing for the presence of moisture using a hand-held moisture meter.

Mold Services

• Visual Mold Investigations
• Microbial Air /Tape /Bulk Sampling
• Remediation Technical Specifications
• Abatement Project Management & Monitoring
• Post Remediation Microbial Testing
• Real Estate Transaction Inspections
• Mold Awareness Training

Call AES at (714) 379-3333 for more information about mold inspections and remediation for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

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